Our Vision

In all of us there is a longing for peace, for meaningful relationships, and a desire to find something greater than us. Many have tried numerous things to satisfy their hearts longing, but were still left empty. They are still searching, still desiring to live their lives in a community of love. They are still wondering if it is possible to be fulfilled in this life.

It is the purpose of this ministry to provide that community of love. To be a place that encourages this community to live life in loving relationships with one another, and to maintain a safe environment where we all can seek to grow closer with God and others.

Our Pastor

Pastor Weems has been married to his wife Julia for nearly 19 years. They have five wonderful children; L.J., Jeremy, Daniel Jr., Julianna, and Julian. Pastor Weems holds the family in great regard and looks to instill that into our church. Pastor Weems began in ministry in 2003 when he was formally licensed to preach the gospel. Pastor Weems believes education is very important. He completed his B.S. in Leadership & Ministry in 2010 from Crossroads Bible College located in Indianapolis, IN. Pastor Weems has also completed a Masters in Pastoral Counseling in 2012 and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry from Anderson University in South Carolina. Pastor Weems has several years of experience in social services and currently counsels students at a local high school. 
Pastor Weems has served as a minister of music, youth pastor and assistant pastor. He has spent several years active in ministry and is completely humbled to serve as pastor of Abundant Faith M.B.C.

Our Mission

To help people grow close to God and others by providing a safe place for them to get to know God and allow Him to change them from the inside out.

Our Purpose

To share the love, mercy, and grace of God with all. To recognize that we all are imperfect people, but through our desire to grow in our faith we can live a life that pleases God. We will teach and preach the truth of the gospel lovingly with passion and conviction. Together, we will learn to see ourselves and others how God sees us; through Jesus Christ. Made clean by the sacrifice of Jesus, we will live a victorious life.